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Overhead Cranes & Metal Buildings

There are several variations of cranes found in metal buildings today. Many of them are very affordable but they can be limited in both range and capacity. This blog will explore some of the most commonly used varieties and try to explain their general limitations.

Monorail Cranes are […]

Insulated Metal Buildings & IBC Code (College Station)

Meeting IBC R-38 Insulation Code in a Commercial Metal Building (College Station).


The City of College Station recently updated the IBC code. This update had some pretty substantial changes relating to commercial metal buildings; specifically the roof insulation (R-38). Under the old code an R-Value of 30 was required. This was easily achieved in the metal building by installing a […]

Hangar Doors and Metal Buildings

bifold doors

There are a variety of hangar door options available. I recently spent some time with a few hangar owners discussing hangar doors.

Manually Opened Hangar Doors

Double Sliding Doors: This door is primarily used for agricultural purposes although I have seen them from time to time in hangars. This type of […]

What is Sitework?

Sitework consist of everything that it takes to stabilizing the ground against movement, make the site level & drain properly. In this installment we will use the Tarlton Supply facility located in Brenham, Texas as our example.

Stabilizing the Ground Against Movement:

Soils with a clay base for example tend to have more movement than say a solid […]

Types of Garage Doors

There are a variety of garage door options available for my metal buildings. Not to mention a long line of door accessories. For now I would like to explore the industry standard doors that are readily available and commonly used in 90% of most metal buildings.

Types of Garage Doors:

Double Sliding Doors: This type of door splits vertically […]

Stained Concrete

Customers often inquire about staining their concrete floors. This is a growing trend but it is nothing new. Through the years we have stained, dyed & epoxy painted a multitude of foundations. I would like to share with you our stained concrete experience.

Most customers dream of a flooring that they can install over the weekend that looks great, cost […]

Standard Sizes

Metal buildings are very versatile. They can easily be adapted to almost any application. Some designs however increase the cost of the building to the point of making them uncompetitive. To make metal buildings competitive, we use standardized designs.

Standard Metal Building Sizes Isometric


Geometrically speaking a rectangular or square shape lends itself […]

Metal Building Scheduling & Delivery

Every customer wants to know when their metal building will be delivered & how long it will take to complete. This question is generally answered with an industry standard response of 6-8 weeks delivery. The reality is that a multitude of factors effect the actual delivery & completion times of your project. In addition every manufacturer handles their scheduling […]

Interior Framing within Metal buildings — Fritz Project, Brenham, Texas

Metal buildings generally have a clear span & require no interior columns. This means that non load bearing walls can be added virtually anywhere. When we use the term interior framing we are speaking of the structure that supports the interior walls within a metal building. In some cases a simple interior partition wall can be constructed from conventional […]

Insulating a New Metal Building

Most customers are concerned with making their metal buildings thermally efficient. This topic has sparked a lot of debate. I can’t tell you the number of new insulating ideas that have come across my desk through the years. Many of these techniques have been used in wood framed and other forms of construction with a great deal of success. […]