Sustainability and green metal buildings

Today, there is a heightened awareness about sustainability and protecting the environment. These concerns have had a major impact on the commercial construction industry. While it may be fashionable to say, “Going Green,” the metal building industry delivers on that promise.

Building owners, architects, general contractors and builders are increasingly choosing metal over traditional materials when it comes to commercial constructions. That’s because metal is one of the most energy-efficient and sustainable building materials available.

Metal buildings – sustainable green buildings

Metal buildings are the clear choice for new commercial construction or retrofit projects when energy efficiency and sustainability are important. They offer many advantages over other building materials such as:

  • Contribute toward LEED® credits
  • Energy Star metal roofing color options are available
  • Reduce total heating and cooling costs
  • Metallic building materials are virtually 100% recyclable at the end of their useful lives

RBS is fully committed to supporting responsible sustainability and environmental protection policies that manage and reduce the impact of commercial construction on the world around us.

The Metal Initiative is an industry-wide program designed to educate building owners, architects, and contractors about the use of metal in commercial construction. Visit their site at for a wealth of information about sustainability and Green Building with metal. You’ll also find many case studies there and can download white papers on this topic.

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