Every customer wants to know when their metal building will be delivered & how long it will take to complete. This question is generally answered with an industry standard response of 6-8 weeks delivery. The reality is that a multitude of factors effect the actual delivery & completion times of your project. In addition every manufacturer handles their scheduling differently.

At RBS we take a first come first served approach to scheduling. Once you are under contract a “Job number” is assigned. This job number is used to set your place in the production line. Each Tuesday morning we hold a scheduling meeting with all staff members present. During this time we make adjustments to the schedule based on the previous week’s progress or delays. New projects are added to the schedule at this time. Project superintendent are assigned & customer contact information is relayed.

The second & third weeks are generally spent drafting & reviewing the drawings for errors. Keep in mind that engineered metal buildings are constructed on paper first. This requires a substantial amount of time to do accurately. The goal here is to correct problems on the computer rather than at the jobsite. Once everything has been corrected fabrication materials are then ordered. This process takes about a week or more in some cases. With erection drawings complete the foundation work can now begin and by the fifth week fabrication is well under way. Keep in mind that each project has an estimated fabrication & erection time that is unique to that specific project. Obviously larger more complex buildings will take longer to complete than simple or smaller projects.

We try very hard to keep projects on schedule and in the proper pecking order but sometimes that may be impossible. Many factors can delay scheduling; examples include: Projects awaiting permits, drafting errors, fabrication errors, weather conditions, missing customer information, miss orders, broken equipment & incomplete sitework or foundation. When these types of problems occur we alter the schedule to accommodate for the delays. Other shovel ready projects may be moved forward to help relieve the construction backlog created by extenuating circumstances. Once these obstacle are overcome you are placed back in line as close to your position as possible. After fabrication is completed the building is loaded and ready for delivery.

The reality is that scheduling is dynamic and constantly changing. In addition work loads will vary through the year and may extend or shorten delivery times. This is the very reason that scheduling meetings are so important. It’s also the reason that we recommend you contact us directly with any scheduling questions. Who knows, you might get your building even sooner than you think.