Monthly Archives: July 2014

Metal Building Scheduling & Delivery

Every customer wants to know when their metal building will be delivered & how long it will take to complete. This question is generally answered with an industry standard response of 6-8 weeks delivery. The reality is that a multitude of factors effect the actual delivery & completion times of your project. In addition every manufacturer handles their scheduling […]

Interior Framing within Metal buildings — Fritz Project, Brenham, Texas

Metal buildings generally have a clear span & require no interior columns. This means that non load bearing walls can be added virtually anywhere. When we use the term interior framing we are speaking of the structure that supports the interior walls within a metal building. In some cases a simple interior partition wall can be constructed from conventional […]

Insulating a New Metal Building

Most customers are concerned with making their metal buildings thermally efficient. This topic has sparked a lot of debate. I can’t tell you the number of new insulating ideas that have come across my desk through the years. Many of these techniques have been used in wood framed and other forms of construction with a great deal of success. […]