What Does a “Single Source of Responsibility” Mean to You?

Many of our competitors have based their entire businesses on a high volume & low price “Do It Yourself” business model. The question is does this approach provide the customer with the lowest completed project cost? Your time has a value and mistakes can be very costly. Here is a sample of some of the responsibilities that you might take on as a general contractor:

  • You manage the entire project personally “Hands On” & “Daily”
  • You work with the architect & engineers to develop a plan
  • You are responsible for permits (This may take over a year in some cases)
  • You are responsible for testing & engineering
  • You submit the project for bid
  • You reconcile the bids to see what items maybe shorted or overlapped in the bids.
  • You contract with each subcontractor individually (As many as 30 for example on some projects).
  • You call when they don’t show up or something is done incorrectly
  • You collect miss ordered or short materials
  • You are responsible for the bills your subcontractor has not paid (Even though you may have paid them in full).
  • You are responsible for insurance (Some subcontractor are insured & most are not)
  • You coordinate & pay for the temporary toilets, offices & dumpsters
  • You end up paying for most problems & mistakes out of your own pocket

How is RBS Different?

When you come to RBS we handle all the headaches for you; One call service. RBS will design a building that is customized to your exact needs (Not a kit). We erect the building with qualified and insured erectors. We also stand behind the building & labor with a full warranty. All design, site, concrete, building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical & interior finish work can be handled by our company. You talk to one person when you have a problem or need to make changes. Your costs are fixed and the only time they change is when you decide to change something.

Let’s get started – call 979.596.1451 or just fill out the Quick RFQ form on the right hand side of this page.