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Insulating an Existing Metal Building

Non-insulated metal buildings are one of the most common customer regrets. In fact people often ask me about how to install insulation in their existing metal building. The reality is that there are several different methods to apply roof & wall insulation in an existing building. The […]

Somerville Methodist Project — Masonry Planning

Whether you use stone or brick; masonry adds an architectural element that enhances most metal buildings. In fact some cities are now even requiring a minimum amount of masonry for their commercial buildings. Generally speaking these materials are controlled by the local governing body’s guidelines.

All masonry building’s can sometimes be too much of a good […]

Proper planning eliminates problems for a ranch construction project in Brenham, Texas

When a ranch construction project is properly planned it helps eliminate a multitude of problems. Plumbing can be roughed-in, eliminating the need for the foundation to be saw cut. Windows and doors can be properly aligned with future rooms. Costs also tend to be lower with planned projects.

Proper planning can help eliminate most problems but occasionally a customer’s needs […]

Is Your General Contractor Familiar with ADA Commercial Standards?

Most commercial contractors are familiar with ADA regulations (Americans with Disabilities Act). In fact both Texas & the Federal government regulate these ADA codes. These regulations are in place to ensure that a handicapable person can access all the amenities welcome to the general public. Examples of these regulations can be seen at stores and shopping malls throughout the […]