Insulated Metal Buildings & IBC Code (College Station)

Meeting IBC R-38 Insulation Code in a Commercial Metal Building (College Station).


The City of College Station recently updated the IBC code. This update had some pretty substantial changes relating to commercial metal buildings; specifically the roof insulation (R-38). Under the old code an R-Value of 30 was required. This was easily achieved in the metal building by installing a […]

Insulating a New Metal Building

Most customers are concerned with making their metal buildings thermally efficient. This topic has sparked a lot of debate. I can’t tell you the number of new insulating ideas that have come across my desk through the years. Many of these techniques have been used in wood framed and other forms of construction with a great deal of success. […]

Insulating an Existing Metal Building

Non-insulated metal buildings are one of the most common customer regrets. In fact people often ask me about how to install insulation in their existing metal building. The reality is that there are several different methods to apply roof & wall insulation in an existing building. The […]