A custom home vs. a truly custom home

Several years ago my wife and I decided to build our first home. We used a reputable contractor that we had dealt with in our commercial business. On our first meeting with Joe; he showed us a floor plan drawing and gave us a firm price that same day. The entire meeting took about an hour. He followed up by saying that he had one exactly like it around the corner; if we wanted to look at it. He also said if you want to customize it we can make the ceilings 9’. Once construction started we got to choose colors, countertops and finishes. This was a very quick process and the end result was a nice home that looked exactly like my neighbors.

Truly a custom home

When we say custom homes we mean it. We take great pride in designing a home to meet your exact needs. This is a very different process that leads to very different results. We don’t have three floor plans to choose from with a firm price ready to go the same day. You will not walk into two of our homes that are the same. We take your ideas & your budget and start from scratch. True customization takes time to develop. Designing a home that is unique & stays within budget can be challenging. The process takes creativity and vision from both the customer & our staff. In the end you will get out of it what you put into it: A truly custom home with a different approach to living.

Compared to traditional homes

We don’t use conventional “Bricks and Sticks” construction. We have taken over forty years worth of commercial metal building experience and adapted it to residential construction. This experience translates into building designs that are different from most kit manufacturers. Incorporating special details that not only enhance the buildings exterior appearance but also reduce long term maintenance & lower “Total Cost of Ownership”

By taking advantage of the metal buildings ability to clear span without interior columns we can create huge rooms that are designed around your lifestyle & personal interest. One example is the Cuthrell home. John is a huge collector of antique jukeboxes. He built a 5,000 square foot room to display his collection. Later on he asked RBS to build him another 5,000 square foot building for his growing automobile collection. John is only one of many customers utilizing the extraordinary design flexibility that metal buildings have to offer.

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